Executive Recruitment

Innovative teaching and learning

We offer a wide range of courses from pre-degree to postgraduate. We treat our students as young professionals and, from their first day, encourage them to work towards their career goals and provide them with opportunities to progress through our various qualification levels to achieve them. Increasingly, students who join us at undergraduate level are staying on to pursue postgraduate studies.

Our learning and teaching bridge the gap between educational and professional experience. To ensure that our graduates continue to be among the most soughtafter professionals in the creative industries, we apply the latest research and innovative educational techniques. Based on our five educational principles: Cultivate, Collaborate, Integrate, Advocate and Originate, graduates develop a resilient and confident mindset with the ability to think creatively and holistically, harnessing the technology and skills required for a long-term, sustainable career.

Ravensbourne is justly credited with developing a range of innovative learning experiences that mirror the best of design and communication industry practice. Our graduates are renowned for being ‘work-ready’ and our employability rates are enviable.

From the moment they begin to use our virtual learning environment our young professionals belong to a community that can share experience and learning through digital technology.

Our staff and young professionals are free to create, communicate and collaborate wherever they are. As well as the more formal classroom experiences and face-to-face tutorials, learners are supported by lectures and demonstrations captured on video as a reusable resource; Skype tutorials; assessment submission and feedback online; provision of a wide range of video resources such as Mistika, audio and web resources and the use of social media networks for certain kinds of feedback.

Young professionals can also showcase their work, send data to our render farms and prototyping facilities, and distribute work through the Internet and our own IPTV channel.

We need to ensure that the ways we teach keep pace with rapid development in industry and make best use of evolving technology. Having the latest equipment means maintaining excellent (and building new) relationships with industry suppliers and partners.